The paid search landscape is forever changing. Customer intent, technology stacks, tools and platforms are constantly evolving. As Google Partner's, GO's Google Ads team have the experience, technology, insights and approach to ensure whatever your paid search objectives, your campaigns are running at peak performance

Why you need an SEM Agency...

With over 67% of all online searches in Thailand coming from a Mobile Device, high organic search rankings sometimes just isn't enough.

Google Ads "Text Ads" are the first thing a Mobile-user sees when they search online. Competitors who not only target the same keywords as you, but can even target your brand name, will more than likely steal a huge chunk of the potential customers that are looking for your products, services and brand.

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PPC Services

From a full Google Ads and PPC audit, to Analysis, Planning and Campaign Management, our team has the experience and tools to not just support your campaign, but turbocharge it.

Based in the heart of Bangkok, we can manage paid search campaigns across Thailand, Asia and the world in Thai, English, French, Mandarin and Cantonese.

Let's look at some of the ways we can help you...


“GO's PPC team...

increased our leads by 219%.”

Teerawin Thaviwatkhongsin
RE/MAX Thailand

Analysis, Audit & Preparation

If you're running a PPC campaign already, then a full audit of the setup, landing pages, Adcopy, Images, Video, Keywords and Bid Management need to be reviewed before moving forward.

Machine learning algorithms now play a major part in the current paid search landscape, and User Intent and the Customer Journey stage must be fully understood to run a truly successful campaign.

The analysis and preparation phase is specifically designed to maximise your results and ROI from your marketing budget as the campaign moves forward.


ROI driven PPC Management

Our Paid Search team has a combined experience of 26 years running PPC campaigns in Thailand. Our methodology is data-driven, and our results driven by ROI. 

From Adcopy to Landing Page design, Bid Management Optimisation to Analytics and Tag Manager setup to Conversion Rate Optimisation, our team ensures your campaigns are running at maximum capacity and your ads are in front of the people you want to be reaching.

GDN - Google Display Network

Google Display Network gives you access to hundreds of thousands of websites in Thailand and the rest of the world, allowing our team to put your Ads in front of the people you want to be talking to.

From Video ads, to .GIF and Static Image Ads, you can target your audience by Age, Demographic, Topics, Context and Industry Niches at an extremely cost-effective CPM (Cost-per-Impression) or CPC (Cost-per-Click)


Google DoubleClick

DoubleClick offers a full suite of Paid Search technologies, platforms and dashboards which allow advertisers to scale and optimise their PPC efforts.

The platforms include DBM (DoubleClick Bid Manager), DS (DoubleClick Search), DCM (DoubleClick Campaign Manager),  and DRM, which forms part of the DoubleClick Rich Media suite


Remarketing revolutionized the buying cycle, allowing marketers to retarget potential customers who for whatever reason, did not buy on the first time.

Did you know over 89% of users do not buy first time, but through retargeting we've increased conversions by as much as 63% whilst lowering the CPA by over a third.

Our methodology is based on the A.C.I.D approach, which is Awareness, Consideration, Intent and Decision.


Baidu, WeChat, Juwai & Weibo

The Chinese market is one of the largest in the world, and certainly the largest in Asia.

It is impossible for an agency in Bangkok or Thailand to target Chinese users without the help of a registered agency in China. GO PR has partnerships and a proven track record with some of the finest Digital Marketing and Social Media Marketing agencies in China.

We can run PPC and Paid Advertising campaigns in Baidu, WeChat, Juwai and Weibo which means we have 94.7% of the search market share covered


Partner with the leading PPC Agency in Bangkok, Thailand today, and turbocharge your Paid Search campaign...