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Thailand's Media landscape in 2020 and beyond...

With the meteoric rise of smartphone usage in Thailand, and the domination of social media, the ways in which Thai's consume news and media has changed dramatically.

Traditional media consumption in the form of print media and publications has been declining rapidly, paralleled by the rise of new online media platforms, websites, blogs and social media channels that allow today's population to access the news on the move, at the click of a button

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Work with the leading PR Agency in Bangkok, Thailand. From traditional to digital, from a one-off event to full time, annual support, Go PR's team is ready to design a campaign that suits your needs and business objectives...

PR Services


Digital PR

The art of Digital PR is the combination of multiple skill sets;


Digital Strategy

Content Writing

Content Marketing & Outreach

Traditional Public Relations

Media Relations


When these skills are combined, our team is able to connect your brand seamlessly to your target media and your target audience, building lasting, meaningful relationships with your customers, increasing your visibility, ROI, organic traffic via SEO and sales.

As the most progressive Digital PR agency in Bangkok, our network and connections with journalists, bloggers and influencers (KOL’s) is unparalleled, and our ability to place you in the bustling online world of Thailand and her Tier 1 publications is only exceeded only by our results.

Influencer Marketing

GO PR has connections with social media influencers all over the world, from Bangkok, Thailand to California, USA to Seoul, Korea.


By identifying KOL’s (Key Online Leaders), Bloggers and Instagrammers that align with your brand, we work with them to amplify your content or product to reach the audiences you want to be talking to.


What can Influencer Marketing do for you?


Brand Awareness

Brand Advocacy

Social Proof

Rapid Content Amplification

Relevant Traffic


“If i was down to my last dollar....

I would spend it on public relations.”

Bill Gates
Founder of Microsoft

Traditional PR

“The art of connecting your brand and key message to the world…”

Traditional PR is the art of understanding your brand and your customers, and identifying the right media that can effectively communicate your message.

Whatever your objective, message, crisis or brand,  we connect you with the most influential media, editors, Newspapers, TV channels, Radio stations and websites in Thailand so you can create meaningful, long-lasting relationships with the media, their audience, and more importantly, your consumers.

Media Relations

Consistent, effective, ongoing media relations is essential for any brand looking to conquer their space and dominate the industry. Brands can fade out of the limelight and public conscious if communications with the media is not maintained , and that’s something that we as your PR agency cannot allow to happen.


Strategic Planning & Counselling

A deep understanding the media landscape here in Thailand is essential to succeed. We at GO PR are here to guide you through the media jungle, offering strategic insight, guidance and advice to all our clients.

We can manage integrated offline and online media buying to turbocharge your brand awareness, from BTS & MRT Advertising, Transit Wrapping, Billboards and Street Furniture to In-Flight Magazines and Website Ad space. 

We're also one of the very few agencies in SE Asia that can manage Location Based Advertising, Geo-fencing and Triangulation for Advertising Activation campaigns

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Executive Media Training

Preparing CEO’s, Executives and Country Managers for the Thai media and the press, the questions they are likely to receive, and the correct way in which they must respond is a careful science. We offer full media training for executives as well on-the-day support at the event or private Q&A sessions

Press Events & Trade Shows

Our events team have years of experience coordinating press events, trade shows, publicity stunts and media interviews here in Bangkok and up-country in Northern Thailand. From the catering, tickets, media invitations, on-the-day support to media coverage and reporting afterwards, we ensure everything flows seamlessly.


Media Audit & Competitor Analysis

Media monitoring, competitor analysis, social media monitoring and listening, brand mentions, research and analysis, and interpretation of that data into quantifiable and actionable insights to help your brand increase market control and increase ROI

Media and Industry Research

Understanding the landscape, competition and media is essential to succeed here in Thailand. We offer full media and industry research, offline and online to both new and existing brands.

Branding in Thailand

Branding & Logo Design

In need of new marketing collateral, brochures and material? Launching a brand here in Thailand and need your Logo, Business Cards and Website to reflect your brand’s core philosophy, message and product? GO PR has partnerships with some of the leading Branding experts and Designers in Bangkok.


Work with the leading PR Agency in Bangkok, Thailand. From traditional to digital, from a one-off event to full time, annual support, Go PR's team is ready to design a campaign that suits your needs and business objectives...