Influencer Marketing

With the meteoric rise of social media use in Thailand, targeted, branded content is said to be reaching saturation point, with more and more user's turning to the reviewer's, bloggers, vloggers and Instagrammer's they trust in order to make informed decisions on their purchases. Whether you need product seeding to drive sales, or content and message amplification to build brand awareness, you need an Influencer Marketing Agency that can match the right Influencer's with your brand in Thailand.

Thailand's Influencer landscape in 2019

  • 61.2% of Thai Instagram users are 16-24yr olds, making this the strongest channel to engage a younger audience
  • Thailand has the 9th largest number of Facebook users in the world with over 47.3 million active accounts.
  • Whilst Twitter is still in its infancy here, it has grown by 72.6% in less than a year to over 9.2 million users
  • 71% of Thai Youtube users trust an Influencer's review over a celebrity endorsement or branded advert


Influencer Marketing Bangkok Thailand

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Work with the leading PR Agency in Bangkok, Thailand. From Product Seeding to Brand Amplification , GO PR's team is ready to match the best Influencer's with your brand

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Influencer Marketing

Product Seeding

Depending on the Influencer, Blogger/Vlogger and depending on the brand, Product Seeding can either be done organically by the Influencer themselves that allows the product to be displayed naturally and more subtly, or the brand themselves creates the content and the selected influencers are used to share this across their social media platforms.

Workshops and PR Events can also be utilised that allow multiple Influencers and Media to experience the product for themselves and use this as organic content at a later date.

Product Seeding Thailand
KOL Reviews

Influencer Reviews

The social proof a review from a well respected Influencer give your product or brand is unparalleled. Not only does it drive brand awareness and credibility, but it drives sales.

In the Beauty niche alone, more than 80% of the most viewed Youtube videos are posted by Influencers compared to just 20% by the beauty brands in Thailand!


Identify your target audience, the channels they most frequent and the content they most engage with.


Target the Influencer's that most align with your niche, product and brand and who's followers are your key audience


Activate the chosen Influencers to share your approved content across their network of channels and followers, amplifying your brand across Thailand


Measure the Influencers performance using Reach, CTR, Shares, Conversions and Sales as key metrics, as well as Social Media listening tools to monitor increase in brand mentions.


Work with the leading KOL & Influencer Agency in Bangkok, Thailand. From Product Seeding to Brand Amplification , GO PR's team is ready to match the best influencer's with your brand