Media Buying

From out-of-home advertising on billboards to the BTS and MRT for mass awareness, Billboards, LCD displays and in-flight magazines for brand recognition building to state-of-the-art location based advertising and geo-fencing,  you need a Media Buying agency who understands your target audience, can maximise your Ad budget and integrate offline with online seamlessly...

Thailand's media buying landscape

With over 1.2 million daily commuters on the BTS and MRT, and heavy traffic during the morning and afternoon rush hours with roads lined with static billboards, digital displays and street furniture, Bangkok is one of the most effective cities in the worlds in which to buy advertising space.

Innovations in mobile technology and social media advertising now allow us to run highly targeted DMA location-based advertising, including activation's based on data points and digital behaviour.




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Work with the leading PR & Media Buying agency in Bangkok, Thailand. From offline to online, to a seamless integration of both, GO PR's team is ready to design a campaign that suits your needs and business objectives...

Media Buying Services

BTS & MRT Advertising

With over 1.2 million commuters every day, the BTS Skytrain and MRT Underground is Thailand's largest transit system that connects every major district of Bangkok. The stations and ticket booths are all available for advertising, as are the exteriors and interiors of every train, inlcuding the LCD TV's that run from 0600-2400

BTS Advertising Thailand
Transit Media Buying

Transit Media Buying & Wrapping

Bangkok's bus routes form one of the largest "moving" billboard networks in SE Asia.

With clear visibility and incredible brand awareness, Transit media buying can be an extremely effective string to your marketing bow for any brand that needs to raise their profile rapidly in Thailand's capital.

Static Billboard & Street Furniture

We specialize in actionable "out-of-home" insights and data allowing you to target key audiences based on locations, demographics and consumer behaviour in order to deliver maximum impact and ROI for your brand

Billboard Advertising Thailand
Inflight Magazine Advertising Thailand

In-Flight Magazines and Publications

Thailand is one of the world's most popular tourist destinations, as well as racking up a huge amount of mileage for internal domestic flying. In-flight magazines during those long haul and even short distance journeys are read by almost every passenger who climbs aboard. Don't miss out on the chance to reach a mass audience, raise brand awareness, advertise promotions, discounts and capture the imagination of your readers...

Online Media Buying

Thailand is one of the most tech-savvy and social media engaged audiences in SE Asia. With the decline of traditional PR, and the rapid rise of news websites, blogs and social media platforms that serve today's consumer on the move, purchasing Ad space on key channels, publications and news sites that match your target audience can be one of the most cost-effective ways to drive traffic, brand awareness and ROI in the world

Location Based Media Advertising Thailand

Location Based Targeting & Activation

Location-based targeting is the art and science of blending the offline behaviour and habits of your consumers with the pinpoint precision of paid social and digital advertising. Using state-of-the-art digital marketing, proven data, market insights, triangulation, segmentation, and successful previous campaign results, we can either digitally drive your consumers to a chosen DMA (Designated Market Area) offline, or facilitate online activation's once the targeted user reaches a chosen destination.


Work with the leading Media Buying agency in Bangkok, Thailand. Whatever your campaign objectives, GO PR's team is ready to match your brand with the right media to achieve your business objectives...