Content Marketing

Creating phenomenal content that informs, intrigues and engages your users will keep them coming back to your website time and time again, as well as bringing new users with the potential to convert into life-long customers.

So what is Content Marketing and why do you need it?

Content Marketing is about knowing your client, knowing their users and customers, and understanding what they want.

Exceptional content marketing has enormous benefits. It allows you engage your users and customers as well as reach new ones outside of the usual channels of communication and interaction.


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The SEO benefits of a great content marketing campaign are unparalleled. Not only do you drive interested, relevant traffic, but the organic backlinks acquired by websites, blogs and Tier 1 newspapers and publications that publish your content are some of the strongest referring domains available, and will form the bedrock of your backlink portfolio.

Our content marketing strategy is split into five stages:


1.Research & Analysis

2.Content Curation

3.Content Optimization

4.Outreach, Link Acquisition & Digital PR



Research & Analysis


The content research and analysis phase involves mapping out a strategy that allows us to develop customer-focused content that drives engagement and traffic, that websites and publications will want to link to, and users will want to read, share and interact with.

By understanding our clients and your business, we can identify opportunities and ideas that we can build content around.  

What content is out there but could be done better?

What content curation opportunities could be leveraged to fulfill unanswered search queries?

What questions are your customers asking that we can provide the answers for?

What is your competitors best performing content and how can we improve on their efforts?


Once we have answered these questions our Designers, SEO Content Marketers and Digital PR teams can begin brainstorming ideas and insights that we can build great content around…

“SEO isn’t about content creation....

It’s about content promotion.”

Brian Dean
Founder of Backlinko



Content Curation

GO PR excels in every form of online content material, from Video, Infographics, Blogs, Articles and Press Releases, and our team will begin curating and creating content that matches your brand and your goals, that users will engage with and websites and publications will want to share based on the conclusions made during the research and analysis phase.


Content Optimization

Before, during and after the content curation phase, in-depth technical SEO is built in to all content that we create. Below are some of the tasks we carry out:


  • Prioritize content based on search volumes and optimize accordingly
  • Match existing content with keyword opportunities
  • Utilizing content marketing initiatives to facilitate earned, owned and paid channels
  • Utilizing search and and voice queries to identify trending keywords, link and content opportunities
  • Consistently balance keyword density, relevancy and readability for user engagement and search engine optimization
  • Implement innovative strategies to enhance metadata and schema markup that facilitates our clients content being featured in Google’s Answer Boxes and Rich Snippets


Outreach & Link Acquisition

GO PR has some of the strongest connections with Influencers, Bloggers, Journalists and Webmasters in Thailand..

Having developed and maintained these connections, we can mix and match a community of online publications and websites that fit your brand and start to build a content marketing network that shares your news, products and services, reviews, tips and advice allowing you to increase your market share and brand awareness as well as driving relevant traffic, high quality leads and organic search rankings.

By identifying the newspapers, publications, blogs and websites that match with your brand, we then reach out and personally pitch your article, press release or content to the specific journalist, editor and webmaster who specializes in your niche. By doing it this way, we can achieve a far higher success and publication rate than other PR or SEO agency.



All SEO and content marketing campaigns include weekly and monthly reports for our clients that shows the work undertaken by GoPR’s different departments. Our content marketing reports focus on the key metrics and results are efforts have brought, including Outreach Overview, Clipping Reports, News/Publication Coverage, Referring Domains & Backlinks, Competitor Analysis and Analytics


The Digital PR approach to SEO…


“Link Building” is dead, and any SEO Company in Bangkok, Thailand or anywhere in the world still building, or should i say buying links, should be ashamed of themselves!


Backlinks should be earned and acquired naturally, through blood, sweat, tears and creativity.

Our digital PR services directly support your SEO strategy through:

Organic backlinks from high authority domains, websites and publications
Unique, creative, engaging content
Content with journalistic and editorial credibility
Publications, blogs and websites aligned to your brand and industry drive relevant traffic
Increased brand awareness and market share

GO PR. GO SEO. Go the right way!...


Work with the leading SEO Company in Bangkok, Thailand. When we get your site ranking on the first page of google you will start to understand the huge benefits of organic traffic, and the potential customers who are searching for your product or services