SEO Research & Analysis

The research and analysis phase forms the foundation of any SEO campaign. As the foremost SEO Company in Bangkok, GO SEO's team undertakes a complete analysis before designing a tailored campaign that matches your business objectives

Understanding your brand...


Before we run our first crawl or get stuck into digital tactics, we need to learn everything about your website and its users, and your business and its customers. This is the most important stage of SEO.

Once we understand your brand, we can start mapping out a complete strategy that is going to get you to where you want to be.


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When we understand your brand, and the products and services you offer, we use a variety of tools to look at what users and potential customers search for to find your products and services, and these are known as “Keywords”


Keyword Research is essential to succeed. Done correctly, it allows us to identify the best opportunities and is the first step on the path to success.


A total analysis of the keyword landscape involves the following:


  • Short-Tail Search Queries
  • Medium-Tail Search Queries
  • Long-Tail Search Queries
  • Voice Search (Mobile)
  • Location Based
  • Spelling Error Searches
  • Competition Analysis
  • Relevancy
  • User Intent
  • Conversion Potential




Where in the User Journey do these Keywords apply?

What is the User Intent behind the search query?

Will they drive conversions or do they form part of the discovery phase?

How are your competitors targeting these keywords and can opportunities be leveraged?




The information and insights we gain during the Research and Analysis phase are presented to you in a clear, concise report with recommendations based on the data and our findings which provide the foundation of your campaign and the next steps our team must take.


As a 360° Digital Agency, we share our research and analysis across all departments so that all channels such as PPC, Social Media, UI and UX benefit from our SEO team’s research giving a boost to the full omni-channel experience of our clients.


Keyword Research and Analysis directly affect a number of different areas in an SEO Campaign such as:


URL Structure and Architecture

Onsite Optimization and MetaData

Content Curation, Mapping and Marketing

Digital PR and Link Acquisition

“SEO isn’t about content creation....

It’s about content promotion.”

Brian Dean
Founder of Backlinko





How are your competitors structuring their Onpage and Offpage content, and how is this affecting their organic rankings?

How much new content do your competitors publish on a daily, weekly and monthly basis and is there a clear correlation between their content and their organic rankings?

How do your competitors balance Keyword Density and Relevancy with User Engagement.

Do their keywords consistently match each stage of the conversion or purchase funnel?

How are your competitors marketing their content across other websites, channels, blogs and publications?

Can your competitor’s Backlink profiles be reverse engineered allowing you opportunities that we can leverage?

Are they running Paid Search/PPC, Display or Social Media Marketing campaigns that support their Organic SEO

Have there been or will there be algorithm updates, trends or new patterns that will affect the current landscape?

Who are the current market leaders and losers and why?




All businesses over time naturally acquire a variety of offline and online assets. In the digital space these often come in the form of Social Media channels, Map and Directory NAP profiles, old websites, landing pages, parked domains etc. One of the things our SEO team looks at is your digital asset portfolio and how these channels can be leveraged, optimized and maximized as well identifying existing assets that may be harming your SEO campaign.


Do you have old domains or websites that are duplicating your current content?

Do other channels and websites still link to your old website(s) and are you losing traffic?

Could these old domains and websites be redirected to help transfer authority and any existing traffic?

Are you utilizing your Social Media channels effectively and can they be optimized?

Did you previously engage in Black Hat SEO techniques that are now harming your Organic SEO or even risking a Google Penalty

How can PR and CSR opportunities be leveraged to increase brand awareness?


Only after our team has asked and answered ALL these questions, do we move onto the Technical SEO and Content Marketing phase, which is where the magic really happens!


Work with the leading SEO Company in Bangkok, Thailand. When we get your site ranking on the first page of google you will start to understand the huge benefits of organic traffic, and the potential customers who are searching for your product or services...