Technical SEO

For an SEO campaign to truly succeed, every facet of your website and every page should be built with the user in mind. By optimizing your site for your users, and providing them with value in the form of rich, unique content you build trust and integrity in the eyes of search engines

So what is SEO and why do you need it?

Once our Research and Analysis phase is complete, we undertake a full audit of your entire site and its backlink portfolio to identify all issues that might possibly prevent your site from reaching the top. Our SEO audits are meticulous and thorough in every detail, and once conducted we can either work closely with your Web Development team in implementing the changes necessary or our Technical SEO, UI and UX teams can do it all for you.


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Page Load Speed

Page Load Speed is a very important ranking factor for SEO because it directly affects UX (User Experience) and Bounce Rate. According to Google, over 53% of users abandon a website if it takes longer than 3 seconds to load. Regardless of how authoritative a domain is or how many backlinks it has, if it cannot deliver its content with lightning speed, Google will cease to deliver the website in its top search results.

Tools - PageSpeed Insights, GTMetrix


On-page Flash/Java

Excessive use of Flash or Java on a page can affect Page Load Speed


Page Titles

A website’s Page Title is one of the first things a user will see in a Search Engine’s results. Page Titles should not only be optimized for the keywords, products or services that the page offers, but should be written with the user and CTR (Click-through-Rate) in mind.


Meta Descriptions

A website’s Meta Description allows the owner or Webmaster to not only describe the contents of the page and elaborate on the Page Title above it, but to provide incentives and value to the user which will increase traffic and CTR (Click-through-Rate).


Image Alt Text

Alt text or Alt attributes are used as alternative text when an image cannot be displayed on a website. They should always accurately describe the image and should never be abused as a way of keyword stuffing.


Headers - H1-H8 etc

Google and other search engines use Header tags to understand the structure of a page and the text or content it contains, as well as helping users navigate the page and find the content they came for.


Content - Unique/Original

Content is king, and must always be original and never copied or duplicated. Google and other search engines will severely punish a website that duplicates another sites content without justification, and likewise favour websites that deliver its own, unique, fresh content.

Tools - CopyScape, SiteLiner


Content - Length

SEO Best Practices recommends 1000+ words or more for priority pages, however, one must always consider UX/User Experience, particularly on Mobile and Tablet which account for 60-80% of a websites traffic.


Content - Relevancy & Density

Keyword Density and Relevancy are extremely important because keyword stuffing can have a drastic effect on your rankings. Content should always be written for the user first and search engines second. By writing naturally and passionately about the product, service or topic of each page, you create organic content that has natural keyword variations and LSI (Latent Semantic Indexing).

Tools - Ahrefs

“SEO isn’t about content creation....

It’s about content promotion.”

Brian Dean
Founder of Backlinko



Internal Linking

Search Engines have a rough crawl limit of 150 links per page before they may stop crawling additional pages linked to that page. Internal Linking is a great way of assisting your user in navigating to other areas of your site that is relevant to their query.


External Linking

A website should always link outwards to external pages and sites if they provide value to your user. By providing users with useful links that assist them in their search or query, your website itself becomes useful, and therefore more authoritative overtime.


Anchor Text

Anchor text are characters, numbers and words that are hyperlinks to internal or external pages that are relevant to the page they link to. This helps users understand what page they are clicking before visiting and helps search engines understand the subject matter of the page.


Site Structure (<3 Clicks)

According to SEO Best Practices, priority pages should be accessible within 3 Clicks or less from the Homepage, particularly for e-commerce websites.


URL Structure & Architecture

URL’s are one of the first things a User and Search Engine will see and use to understand the subject matter of the page. URL’s should follow a logical folder and breadcrumb structure and automated dynamic URL’s such as .com/cat?cid=6789 should be avoided at all costs.


Social Share

Whilst Social Media isn’t a direct ranking factor, it is clear that if a well managed social media campaign and multiple platforms are driving relevant, interested traffic to your site and engaging with your content, products and services then search engines are going to take note.


XML Sitemap

Sitemaps allow search engine robots to index your pages and content more efficiently and effectively.

Tools - XML Generator


Non www to www Redirect

Either managed at server level or using Google's Search Console you can instruct search engines to redirect and deliver http, https, non-www and www pages or vice versa and ensure the user does not experience any 4xx errors and search engines don’t encounter different versions of the same page and consider them duplicate content.

Tools - Search Console



Breadcrumbs are text paths that clearly shows the user where they are and where they have come from, allowing the user to return to any stage quickly and efficiently.


4xx Errors/Pages

These are status error codes that have been caused by the client. At server level an explanation message should be created to explain the situation and why it was caused and how to navigate back to the site. During an SEO audit, all 4xx error pages that are live and indexed should be eliminated to avoid bad user experience.


3xx Redirection

3xx status codes are implemented when additional action must be taken, often in the case of redirection. This is extremely important, particularly for the task of website migration to a different URL or creating a new website under an existing URL to ensure no traffic is lost due to broken links and domain and URL authority is transferred.


Page/Browser Caching

Page and Browser Caching has a direct impact on Page Load Speed. There are a number of tactics you can carry out to improve page speed such as Gzip Compression, HTML file optimization, CSS Sprites and JavaScript optimization that all go to improve load speed and the user experience.


Duplicate Content

Duplicate Content has a drastic effect on a websites SEO. Substantial amounts of text or content that is found within your own domain or from other domains that is a 100% match or undeniably similar will cause your SERP’s to suffer.



Robots.txt is a text file or set of instructions that website owners or webmasters use to instruct and allow search engine robots to crawl and index specific pages or whole websites.


Multi-Device Friendly

“Mobile First Index” is now in session! It’s been coming for years, but it is now official that Google and other search engines will judge a site based on the Mobile version before the Desktop, so it’s imperative that your website is optimized for Mobile and Tablet as well as Desktop.

Tools - Mobile Friendly Test


Schema Markup and Rich Snippets

Schema instructs search engines as to exactly what your content means, not just what it says, and has multiple uses and applications that can increase rankings and traffic for a website in the form of Rich or Featured Snippets, Answer Boxes and Carousels.

Reference -


OG/Open Graph Protocol

The Open Graph protocol allows a Webmaster to make a simple page and its content into something rich and deep, full of information and shareable across social media platforms in the form of Metadata, Structured Properties, Arrays and Verticles.

Reference - OGP


Twitter Cards

Twitter Cards is Schema and Metadata for pages and content to be shared on Twitter, and should be optimized so your website and content is correctly represented as well increasing the CTR (Click-through-Rate) and traffic potential.

Reference - Twitter Developers


Local SEO/Google My Business

Optimizing for location based searches and being found in the top organic search results as well as Google’s Map listings is extremely powerful. There are a number of factors and different channels that need to optimized such as Metadata, directory citations, Google and Bing Map profiles as well relevant content with location mentions and consistent NAP (Name, Address and Phone Number) across all channels.  

Tools - Google My Business, Bing Maps, Yellow Pages

Inbound Links/Backlinks

A website’s backlink profile is an extremely important part of SEO and refers to the quantity and more importantly the quality of the websites and pages that link to another website. It’s imperative that an SEO Agency understands a website’s current backlink portfolio, its competitors portfolio and map our ways to organically and naturally increase the number of backlinks and their quality.

Tools - Ahrefs, Majestic, Search Console


Google Penalty History

It’s imperative our team investigates the history and previous activity of your site. By analyzing your site and its backlinks for manipulation and over-optimization, we must ensure no penalty or algorithm such as Google Penguin, Google Panda or Manual penalty is held against your site that will hinder our team and your SEO campaign. GO PR has created its very own Google Penalty Lab and a specialized team just for Google Penalties.


Backlink Optimization

Backlinks are still one of the most essential SEO ranking factors, but its quality over quantity that we look to achieve.

During the analysis phase we will rigorously check your website’s Anchor text, Deep link ratio, Follow vs NoFollow Links, Referring Domains and their age and authority, Link Velocity and Link Variation and the content that surrounds them. We will also investigate your competitors backlink portfolio and benchmark their strengths and weaknesses against yours, by doing so we identify opportunities that will lead us forward into the Content Marketing, Outreach and Link Acquisition stages.


Work with the leading SEO Company in Bangkok, Thailand. When we get your site ranking on the first page of google you will start to understand the huge benefits of organic traffic, and the potential customers who are searching for your product or services...