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With over 73% of Thailand’s population using Facebook, 69% using LINE, and 53% using Instagram on a daily basis, if you’re a brand looking to conquer your industry, you need a Social Media agency...

GO Social...

GO’s Social team live and breath social media. We’re a mix of graphic designers, geeks, analysts, content curators and marketers that have managed campaigns for some of the biggest brands in Thailand.

We understand the importance of not just connecting with your audience, but converting them into loyal followers and paying customers.

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READY to increase your ROI?

Work with the leading Social Media agency in Bangkok, Thailand. GO's social media team have managed campaigns for some of the biggest brands in Thailand and we stop at nothing to achieve the results you need...

Social Media Services

Social Media Audit

Before beginning any campaign, a full audit and analysis of your current platforms, digital assets, competitors and landscape need to be assessed and understood, so we can effectively design a strategy to move forward and deliver recommendations that sync with your business objectives.

Social Media Management

Enquiries, questions, replies, responses, for some brands this is a full time job. GoSocial’s team can manage your entire social media community and represent your brand across multiple platforms.

Social Media Content

Content is King! Your content needs to reflect your brand, your identity and your products or services, and tell your story seamlessly. From Facebook to Twitter, Instagram to Pinterest, LINE to LinkedIn, our Graphic Design and Content Curation team work with you to ensure your brand’s monthly content calendars are streamlined, on-point and ready to WOW with a click of a button.

Social Media Marketing

The pinpoint accuracy of Social Media targeting is astonishing. We can target any user in the world via location and radius, digital behaviour, website frequentation, interests, purchasing habits, age, sex, job position, the list is endless! And we haven’t even covered Remarketing yet. For more information, check out our Paid Social services

Social Media Listening

Social Media listening is the monitoring and analysis of a brand or its competitors, what’s being said , who is saying it, in what context and which platforms. Social listening can be as simple as examining brand mentions, product reviews, hashtag shares, Twitter tweets or Facebook posts, or as rigorous as using tools and software to analyze Boolean search queries that allow us to identify patterns in online conversations that provide insights to further our clients marketing goals.


“GO's Social Media team 

increased our leads by 317%.”

Teerawin Thaviwatkhongsin
RE/MAX Thailand


Bangkok alone has more than 31 million Facebook users, 47 million users nationwide, 3.1 million foreign users of which 175,000 are from USA, 97,000 from the United Kingdom, 23,000 from Australia, with the average user logging in for over 2 hours every day. If you’re serious about marketing your brand here in Thailand, you need a world-class Social Media agency that understands ROI driven campaigns, Facebook content and community management....



Instagram has quickly grown to become one of the world’s most popular social media platforms, and Thailand is leading the way in the Asia-Pacific market for the fastest growth in IG users, with nearly 13 million users in 2018. With stunning Image and Video Ads, Insta-Stories and a wide range of features and formats, you can showcase your brand and products and engage with your target audience better than ever.


LINE has the 2nd highest user base in Thailand of all social media platforms, with over 32.5 million users. Through the use of LINE Stickers, Exclusive Offers, LINE Points and Programmatic Content, we can very effectively build a loyal following of users for your brand, allowing you to engage with your customers in Thailand, respond to questions and enquiries, push promotions and latest news that drive sales to your business.



YouTube is the 2nd most popular website on the planet, with a never ending variety of diverse, shareable, consumable content. Go’s social media team can either work with your existing content, or help create stunning new video content or Programmatic Display Ads that’s tailored for the Thai market and manage a highly targeted YouTube Advertising campaign that drives clicks, conversions and sales.


With nearly 600 million users worldwide, LinkedIn is the biggest professional networking site in the world. LinkedIn also has very refined, powerful advertising tools that are powered by the mountain of data and personal information LinkedIn has on its users. Want to target every Vice-President and CEO in Thailand? Want to target every person working in Retail or Hospitality in Bangkok? Or do you just need to publish your rich, unique content on an additional platform that helps engage with users you cannot reach elsewhere? LinkedIn can do it all, and our social media team can advise and support you every step of the way.


Need help with other channels? We can sync and manage any of world's largest social media networks


Work with the leading Social Media agency in Bangkok, Thailand. GO's social media team have managed campaigns for some of the biggest brands in Thailand and we stop at nothing to achieve the results you need...